September 10th, 2013
99 Problems But a Binkie Ain’t One: New Tweets Reveal Day-to-Day Lives of Famous Babies

When New York Magazine reported that celebrities and “media elite” are creating Twitter usernames for their babies, we couldn’t believe it. But indeed, many celebrities and other high-profile Twitter users are not only reserving spots for their newborns at Harvard – they’ve also set up their Twitter accounts, too. Here are some of our favorite privileged babies on their day-to-day trials and tribulations:

Wanted organic mashed banana, apple and quinoa snack. Got organic mashed parsnips, carrots and kale. #babyproblems #dontpanicitsorganic

Peed through my diaper onto my Gucci Houndstooth Wool Bermuda Shorts. #babyproblems

iPod speakers in stroller broke. Now I’ll never find out what happened to the itsy, bitsy spider. #babyproblems 

Ran out of jean diapers. Had to wear Huggies. #babyproblems #spoiledandIknowit

Auntie gave me juice made with high fructose corn syrup. Room is spinning. #babyproblems #twerking

Mommy hid iPad with Elmo game on it. Stuck building blocks like a peasant. #babyproblems 

Daddy fired my nanny for not teaching me enough Mandarin. #babyproblems #YOLO

Grandma keeps buying me pink clothes and toys. Not ready to gender identify yet. #babyproblems #rainbowlove


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