September 19th, 2012
Forty-seven, Coca Coûteux, MRLCFA

Forty-seven (fɔrti’sɛvən pərˈsɛnt): An extremely lazy person; specifically one who buys potato chips and cigarettes with welfare checks. “But I don’t feel like doing the dishes, Mom.” “Don’t be such a forty-seven. I made dinner, you do the damn dishes!” “Ugh, you’re so un-American, Mom.”

Coca Coûteux (koʊkə ku’tø): Due to recent taxations, this luxury, sugary, carbonated beverage commonly is served chilled with a straw and sipped by the one percent. “Darling, would you like some caviar with your coca coûteux?”

MRLCFA (ɛmɑrɛlsiɛfeɪ): an acronym for “Muslim Rage Level Cry for Attention.” Used to describe a cry for attention that is almost pathetic in its excessiveness. Amanda Bynes crashed her car AGAIN? That’s like an MRLCFA, man. Origin: From Newsweek’s pitiful attempt to up readership by emblazoning a cover with the words “MUSLIM RAGE.”

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