October 22nd, 2012
In Wake of Shootings, US State Department Issues Travel Warning

The State Department has issued a travel warning for the United States, warning Americans that there may be increased danger for any Americans traveling from their private residences to any public place in the continental United States. Hawaii and Alaska are exempt from the advisory.

In an official statement issued today, the State department listed several reasons for the new advisory, citing the recent mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and Brookfield, Wisconsin.

The statement also discussed the role that the presidential election has played in the department’s decision.

“Both candidates’ refusal to take a stance on the issue of gun control in the last debate signaled that mass shootings could potentially be an issue for the American people for some time,” the statement said.

Another factor contributing to the State Department’s decision was the divisive atmosphere surrounding the current election.

“Several Tweets with the hashtag ‘If Obama Don’t Win’ have expressed plans to riot, should Governor Romney win the election. Such plans have created a potentially volatile election environment,” the statement continued.

The State Department has advised citizens to remain in their private residences and if forced to travel to public spaces, to do so with the appropriate protective safety gear, such as bulletproof vests. Unfortunately, they were unable to give a specific date that they expect the travel warning to be lifted.

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