April 30th, 2012
Huntsman Recants Earlier Comments Comparing the GOP to Chinese Communist Party

Former GOP candidate Jon Huntsman released a video today from an undisclosed location, taking back comments he made to a reporter during an appearance at Manhattan’s 92nd Street Y in which he compared the current GOP party to China’s Communist Party. Although Huntsman had already claimed that these comments were taken out of context, the video he released completely reverses them and highly praises the Republican Party.

In the video, a gaunt and exhausted-looking Huntsman appears propped on a stool in front of a sheet emblazoned with the face of Ronald Reagan.

“I’m here today to apologize to the GOP and to completely recant my earlier statements comparing them to Communist China,” Huntsman said to the camera before breaking into a prolonged coughing fit. He then continued to discuss how he made the comments out of anger at himself over his own conflicting beliefs.

“I was just so wrong about so many things. About saying that science is real and in not joining in with the Tea Party sooner. These are things that I should know are right by now, wisdom passed down through the ages by our great and generous teacher, Ronald Reagan,” Huntsman said, before explaining that while the Republican Party certainly allowed him the freedom to have and even to express these thoughts, “they were, and always will be, just so very wrong.”

Huntsman went on to discuss the many virtues of the Republican Party, calling it “a shining and illustrious example of true freedom, pure Christian morals, sound and equitable tax policies, and total freedom of thought for all members of the party and the United States of America” and then continued to say that “[the GOP] is truly the only shining light of liberty in a world of dark tyranny.”

Huntsman concluded by declaring his “eternal allegiance to that Grand Old Party and its newest branch of liberty, the Tea Party, in its constant battle for power against the tyranny of moderates, leftists, and commies,” before he mouthed “Save me” to the camera, at which point the video cut out, although the audio continued, revealing a brief strangled scream before ending as well.

Huntsman’s family, when asked to comment on the video, said that they haven’t seen Huntsman since he ran out to the grocery store to get some milk five days ago.

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