May 10th, 2014
Megabus Announces Its New Writer’s Residency Program

Megabus is now officially accepting applications for its 2014 summer writer’s residency program, they announced this morning on their website. Inspired by Amtrak’s writer’s residency, the Megabus program will run from June 15th through August 31st, 2014 and winners will receive a free $30 voucher for a round trip ticket on a Megabus to any destination.

“Cross continental travel has long held a place in the American heart. It is a source of endless creative inspiration and what better place to be inspired than a Megabus?” the webpage advertising the contest begins. It continues to list several of the unique elements of a Megabus journey that would lend itself to inspiring writers, including “internet so spotty that you won’t be able to procrastinate by looking at Facebook, the beautiful sights of the interstate highways unrolling past your window (if you get in line early enough to get a window seat, that is!), the intense odors emanating from the bus bathroom., and, of course, witty banter with sassy bus drivers.”

Candidates are required to provide all of their social media handles, a writing sample, and a picture of themselves writing on their computers in a confined space “to prove that [they] are physically able to write in a Megabus seat.” A total of 25 winners will be chosen, and required to book their trip between June 15th and August 31st in order to “best take advantage of the most inspiring part of the summer season: cramming yourself into an over air-conditioned (or if it’s broken, sweltering!) bus for hours.”

Some of America’s greatest modern literature has been written on a Megabus, including that great ode to female friendship “Bitch, I Took a Megabus for You,” and that epic poem of young, long distance love Tommy, I Am Sitting Next to Someone Who Is 6’5” Just So You Don’t Have to Go to Your Work Party Alone, You Owe Me SOOO Much Jewelry. Megabus is hoping to inspire more great literature, “but mostly we just hope to get some hashtags trending. It seemed to work for Amtrak, am I right?” a Megabus representative said when contacted for this piece.

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