Many have noted the Obama campaign’s use of social media to reach younger voters in both 2008 and 2012. And it looks like the next crop of presidential hopefuls are following in his footsteps by taking advantage of the millennial generation’s most popular social outreach app-Tinder. After a weekend of furious swiping (and quite a few randy messages from interested gentleman), The Gabbler was able to pull all the candidates’ profiles to publish for wider consumption.



Bernie Sanders

Distance: wayyy out​ there in VT.

Active: 73 years, baby

About Bernie: “I’m just looking for a happy, healthy relationship in which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned and/or regulated equally.

Also, ice cream > frozen yogurt.”



 Rand Paul

Distance: Kentucky
Active: 4 years
About Rand: “Whatever. If you guys don’t want me​,​I’ll go back to being a doctor.”


Hillary Clinton

Distance: [not found]
Active: [private]
About Hillary: “Email is so 20 years ago. PM me here, or better yet, on Snap.”


Ted Cruz

Distance: The United States of Texas
Active: Since Freshman year
About Ted: “Harvard AND Princeton alum. Proud Wacko Bird. I know everyone’s wondering, so I’ll just settle all bets now: yes, I do wear my cowboy boots everywhere.” ;) 
Favorite Books: The Bible, The Fountainhead, Green Eggs and Ham and of course, mine!


​ ​Jeb Bush

Distance: the sunshine state
Active: one month, 2 days ago
About Jeb: “Hola! Me llamo Jeb. Yo soy un hombre bueno.:) Me gusta, eh, como se dice, “Superpacs?”


Donald Trump

Distance: Miles ahead of everyone else!
Active: 36 hours
Tagline: “Call me The Donald, or else You’re Fired. Not into Hispanics.”

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