February 19th, 2014
10 Buzzfeed Quizzes You Should Definitely Share on Social Media Today

Because everyone cares that your spirit shape is a hexagon.


1. Which granola bar are you?

(Are you all earthy crunchy, or do you have a touch of sweetness?)


2. Which shade of grey are you, really?

(Are you Rainy Day, Earl, or Dorian?)


3. Which national highway are you?

(Get your kicks…on Route 66!)


4. Which fascist dictator are you?

(I got Musslolini! Bravo!)


5. Which Friends guest star are you?

(Are you a vengeful Julia Roberts, a jolly Alec Baldwin, or Ross’s hot cousin Denise Richards?)


6. Which shape are you?

(You’re such a ☐.)


7. Which ridiculously awful fashion fad are you?

(Are you the harem pant, the choker, or the poncho?)


8. Which Mexican street food are you?

(Churros, street corn, Mexicoke, oh my!)


9. Which sociopathic murderer would you totally sleep with?

(Do your stars align with the Zodiac Killer?)


10. How likely are you to post your Buzzfeed Quiz results?

(Do you tweet about your breakfast cereal? Then the answer is yes!)

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